Here is our 4 step process to design solutions that please everyone.

1 Establish what we are designing

This is when you, the client, first call us with an assignment. We seek answers to important questions such as: What are we designing? What are the technical requirements? What is the schedule? What is the budget?
Based on the answers to these and other questions we have an understanding of the design criteria and are able to provide an estimate and a schedule.

2 Determine the strategy and tone

Before we pick up a pencil and sketchpad, we need to establish what the tone of the piece will be. We do this by asking a lot of questions and listening to your answers.

We’ll need to understand the personality of your company or brand. It’s a relatively painless procedure. Really. We just want to make sure that we stay true to your brand’s voice so all your communication is consistent.

We’ll also want to understand who is your audience. Usually, your audience is the people who will be giving your company money. But not always. We want to be sure to design something that your audience will respond to. So it helps to know who these people are and what is important to them.

3 Design

This is when we synthesize the various components and requirements of the assignment to create tonally correct and effective visual communications. Although some of our clients think we have super-human powers, we actually simply call upon our experience, creativity, aesthetic sensibility and generous quantities of coffee to get the job done.

Of course, the function of the piece is considered from the beginning of design phase. For example, when designing logos and letterhead, we make sure that the final product is clear in black and white as well as is color. Logos and letterheads must also maintain their visual integrity even after repeated faxing or copying. When creating a web site, we make sure it’s clear, easy to navigate, and that the look will not compromise the site’s usability.

Generally, we have a few rounds in which we present work. In the first presentation we show an exploration of several different directions. We see which ideas you gravitate towards and discuss what works and why. If it’s relevant, we’ll also begin to discuss various production costs and schedules for the different ideas. In subsequent rounds we present more refined ideas and designs based on feedback given in previous presentations. At the final presentation, we present, you guessed it, the final design. Everybody claps. Occasionally there is hugging.

4 Production

Production is the actualization of the design into its final format. Once the design is approved we are ready to produce it. In most cases, this involves either printing (letterhead, poster, packaging, collateral, etc.) or building a web site.

Print Production:. After determining the best printer for the job, we deliver the mechanicals and work closely with the printer to ensure that the final piece meets our (and our your) exacting standards. There’s nothing quite like smell of fresh ink on a proof to get our juices flowing. Maybe it’s the fumes.

In cases of small volume or low budget printing we provide digital files that can be used to print on your in-office printer.

Web Site Production: We build a site that is functional on all systems and easily navigated under all circumstances. We also ensure the code for the site is clearly written so, if necessary, the site can easily be maintained by others. We secretly love to embrace our inner geek and throw around phrases like, “ connection speed” and “technical constraints.” Before the site goes live, we test it vigorously across all platforms and fix any bugs (see?) that may have arisen. Once it is perfect, we release to the masses on the world wide web.