You may be wondering if a company with a name like “HappyGoFun” can do “serious” work.

In a word, yes.

As far was we’re concerned, all the work we do is serious. We exist to solve real communication problems for our clients. Sometimes the solution is a design that seems playful. Other times the solution looks more “corporate.” With every project we always look to the inherent nature or personality of the brand to dictate the tone of the design. For more information about our methodology, please refer to our process.

Our services include

Corporate identities, logos, web sites, packaging, user interfaces, collateral, animation/motion graphics, posters, skywriting, random deliveries of freshly baked cookies (which may contain nuts), and anything else that can be seen.

Our services do not include

Teasing, poking, rolling our eyes, loud sighs, unanswered phone calls, nor do they include the exploitation of small animals in any way.